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It costs $170 per month on average to fully support an Indigenous Church Planter, including family support and ministry expenses. If you are interested in supporting more than one church planter or doing a larger project please go back to our home page and review the unreached community engagement project.

We generally assign several sponsors to each missionary in $35 increments to reach the full support needed.

Distributing a church planter's support in this manner provides for greater prayer support and prevents the complete loss of income in the event a sponsor is forced to discontinue.

However, we do welcome any sponsorship level up to the amount of $170 per month per church planter.


Ethiopia Church planters

KHCT 5 Shelo.jpg

Shelo Bedhane


Shelo felt God calling him to the mission particularly for the unreached Tsemai & Bana people. He has a diploma of theology from the Kale Hewot Bible School.





Jarso has a gift of leadership, evangelism, and teaching. He is married and has three children.
He speaks, Oromiffa, Amharic, Arbore, and Hamer. He understands some English as well. Click below to see his full profile!


kenya church planters

CP K1 Joel_1.jpg



joel has a passion for reaching the Digo and Durame people of Coastal Kenya. His heart aches for them because of the long time they have lived in the Muslim and traditional lifestyle with extreme poverty and terrible education.


K3 Francis Family.png



Francis grew up in Islamic community as a minority Catholic, nearby to the area he is now serving. He has a passionate heart to reach his Digo Muslim neighbors. Francis only needs $65 more per month to be fully sponsored!


Northern Ghana Church Planters

G2 Moses Izinim-02716.jpg

Moses Azinim

Moses Azinim is married to Pori and has four children. Moses was born in an Islamic family and has a passion to bring the Gospel to his people!

We have now sent him to plant churches among the Hausa, Kusasis, and Fulani People Groups.

G1 Desmond-02887.jpg

Desmond Apuri

Desmond is married to Felicia and they have one 8 month old child named Rahell. Desmond is from the Grusi and Kasina people groups of Ghana. He has been working in full time ministry for 6 years now!

Unlisted church planters

afar life.png

Church Planter In Need

Did you meet a church planter on a trip that needs a sponsor but isn't listed here? Sometimes due to security reasons we can't list our teams on the internet. You can set up your payments here and we will contact you to find out which church planter you are wanting to sponsor.