[loo-muh-nes-uh ns] the emission of light not caused by incandescence and occurring at a temperature below that of incandescent bodies.

15 of the most dangerous nations to live as an evangelical christian are located in africa. Currently, New Covenant Missions works in 7 of those nations! In recent years we have had members of our team imprisoned, beaten, and threatened on a continual basis. Yet they remain working in the area in hopes of a breakthrough like we saw in the blood village (video below). Additionally, we have had projects and churches burned to the ground time and time again.

The Luminescence Project is designed to bring support to our workers in the field that we can not list publicly for sponsorship. These workers often work “undercover” doing business as mission or community development projects. It is also designed to provide funding for relocation of new believers facing persecution, reconstruction of churches and projects that have been destroyed, medical care for workers that have been injured due to persecution, and other forms of support and training for the persecuted church of Africa.

your donation of any amount helps to fund our projects to bring LIGHT into the darkest and most challenging places in Africa. This is focused on nations we are unable to list publicly due to the security of our teams.